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Tanuki is a dog-like animal with a long tail who likes to be pet just as puppies do. Tanuki lives in the forests of Japan, where the trees grow so fast that they narrow on the top and bend forward and become so difficult to paint for the artists. Tanuki is curious and adventurous and likes crossing the highway at a slow pace. An old and yellowish traffic signal says to the drivers: "POOR THING'S BLIND AS A BAT AND IDIOT -AND SLOW- AS A DONKEY. KEEP YOUR FOOT ON YOUR GODDAMN BREAK PEDAL OR YA'LL GONNA KILL'EM ALL". That's what the signal says about Tanuki, but Tanuki doesn't even care. Tanuki likes to take pictures of her surroundings. Tanuki lives now in Central Park (New York, NY), but she likes to go shopping from time to time.

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