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Poolga - Salt - Ryan Ward



I'm sick of hearing how every ones picture tells a story. I want mine to tell a novel, a big ass novel the size of 5 bricks. I aim to make your hair stand up, your mouth go dry, or your cock fall out. Shock and awe. Gritty and pretty. Urban emotional beautiful trash. Your mundane life, captured by my camera, and turned into "art". don't worry, i'm not pretentious, but you may think i am. You hopefully may grow a new kind of appreciation for anything you once never recognized from my pictures. I like people in my pictures. You won't find many flowers. I like to take something shitty and transform it into something beautiful. And likewise it's just as fun taking something pretty and urbanizing that fucker with some grit and dirt and and applying the important ingredient of character. I like photos at night. I like motion. I like anything deemed non-traditional yet retaining an element of something YOU can relate to from YOUR life… whoever you are.

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At 20 years of age the will reigns... by Ryan Ward iPhone iPhone 4 iPad

At 20 years of age…
Ryan Ward

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